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カンペール sandals
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Dr. Baxter StockmanI was asked by Gallery Nucleus to contribute to their upcoming show Heroes in a Half Shell: A TMNT Art Tribute Exhibition. Baxter was always one of my favorite characters from the cartoon and video games. I later found about his black scientist comic origins, so I combined them all into my own version of Baxter.  S H O W    I N F O    H E R E
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Adventure 87 is up! “The Last Best Place” shot by Jesse Lenz with Collective Quarterly. If you’re currently stuck in a a heatwave these snowy photos might help you cool off. Check them out here! 
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Masashi Wakui
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Yellowstone’s bison won’t be shot with vaccine biobullets by Margaret Badore
Cattle ranchers in the vicinity of Yellowstone National Park lost their bid to have wild bison inoculated with vaccinated “biobullets.” The National Park Service, which administers the park, rejected the proposal due to concerns about the effectiveness and impact of the vaccination.
Yellowstone is home to the last purebred herd of bison in the country, as herds elsewhere in the country have crossbred with domestic bison. There are roughly 4,600 wild bison in the park.
Roughly half of the wild bison are estimated to be infected with brucellosis, a bacterium that increases the chance of miscarriage. The ranchers are concerned that the wild animals could transmit the disease to domestic herds. The ranchers proposed the use of air rifles to shoot the bison with biobullets, which deliver a payload of vaccine. Yellowstone spokesperson Al Nash told Reuters that there have been no documented cases of a wild bison spreading disease to cattle…
Read more: TreeHugger | Image: Flickr user LowJumpingFrog
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